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Dilapidation Survey

Dilapidation Survey and Report. ... A dilapidation report, also known as a building condition report is a record of the pre-construction condition of existing properties and dwellings adjoining the developer's site and/or which may be influenced by the developer's work.

A dilapidation survey is done by a Professional Property Inspector which is an inspection of the existing structural condition of the surrounding buildings/dwellings and structures before the commencement of a demolition, construction or development on the specific property adjacent to an existing dwelling.

Dilapidation building inspections can be conducted on new homes, pre-existing homes of any era, and retail, commercial and industrial properties. A dilapidation survey  can also be conducted on strata property common areas including carparks, retaining walls, pavements and car parking structures on strata sites.

Residential & Commercial Dilapidation Survey

External Structural Components  


  - External Wall Structure & Finish

  - Visible Foundation Structure 

  - Roof Covering External


Interior Walls & linings 


  - Internal Ceiling Lining & Cornice

  - Internal Walls and Linings


External Structures or Other Structures


  - Carports / Garages / Masonry Structures

  - ​Retaining Walls

  ​Masonry Walls

  ​Driveways, Roadways, Kerbing and Concrete Sidings and Pathways

Report Type

Detailed Report + Photos of areas of discovery of existing or known cracks

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