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Pre-Sale Inspections 

Vendor Property Inspections are intended to identify prospective issues in the building and prepares the seller to address these prior to sale to give the best opportunity for the sale of the property to transact smoothly through the settlement process. 

* Comprehensive inspection with 2 report revisions available.


Vendor Basic Structural 

Structural Components  


  - External Wall Structure

  - Foundation Structure

  - Ceiling Structure

  - Roof Structure

  - Roof Covering


Interior & Exterior


  - Ceilings

  - Walls

  - External Roof


External Structures


  - Carports

  - Check for moisture or dampness   in walls, floors and ceilings

Report Type

7 + Pages Photos of items requiring attention 24 Hours Delivery

From $297 gst inc


 Vendors Timber/ Termite Pest

Timber Pest and Termite Pre Purchase Inspections

(AS 4349.3-2010 )will be carried out by our trusted partners. Leave the booking and scheduling to us. 

This inspection covers Termites, Wood Borers and Fungal Decay. 
The following areas will be inspected.

Concrete Slab Foundation 
Slab edges

Timber Sub Floor 
Timber floor structures

The interior of the building 
Internal and external wall structures
Any other timber work

The roof cavity 
Roof Structure 
Ceiling structure

The exterior of the building 
Grading & Drainage and excessive moisture

The property within 30m of the building 
Exterior structures
Surface Water
Garden timbers and Vegetation

From $187 gst inc

Book your Building and Timber Pest Inspection Online

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